Allegations of Harmful Substances in Mask and PCR Test Disproved

One of the meaningless claims of the opponents of the vaccine and PCR test, the issue of “there is a carcinogenic substance in the mask and PCR test” has been disproved by scientific research. A study conducted in Istanbul proved that there is no carcinogenic substance in mask and PCR tests.

While the whole world’s fight against coronavirus continues, there are serious numbers of people in every country. against vaccines and PCR theses continue to be refuted one by one. The opposing segment, which prevented the epidemic from being brought under control as soon as possible, was that the vaccine had a chip in it, their DNA would deteriorate, the PCR test contacted the cerebral cortex, and this happened in history. used for slavery They keep busy the agenda with such unbelievable claims. Scientists, on the other hand, started a feverish study to refute these claims.

One of the claims of anti-vaccine and PCR opponents is in masks with testing. asbestos It was the presence of a carcinogenic substance named. In other words, tests that enable you to understand whether you are sick with masks used to protect against coronavirus, he wanted to make people cancer. A scientific study conducted in Istanbul completely confirms this claim. it is unfounded revealed.

“Ignorance or malicious intent”

Behind the research, Asbestos Specialist Kenan Yildiz and his team. The tests performed on the samples they collected from the market revealed that neither the masks nor the PCR tests contain carcinogenic substances. The scientist, “Some people or from their ignorance or they spread false information out of bad intentions.” he expressed his reaction by saying. Here is the statement made by the asbestos expert:

On social media, the so-called ‘sampling SWAPs (sticks rubbed into the mouth and nose for sampling) and masks used for PCR tests in recent days)asbestos, graphene and their derivatives‘ information is circulating. Samples were collected from commercially available SWAPs and masks by our laboratory, and their analyzes were performed on asbestos and graphene. not found. In addition, in SEM EDX analyzes, we detected only carbon (C) and oxygen (O) elements in SWAPs, and only carbon (C) element in masks.


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The masks we tested are available in pharmacies and supermarkets. most preferred products were analyzed among them. We obtained PCR sticks from İSE Maltepe Kızılay Blood Center. In the laboratory, we made measurements with the SEM EDX device, that is, the electron microscope and the energy distribution spectrometer device. We did not find any asbestos content in any of the products. Our people should make sure that there is no asbestos in the mask and PCR stick.. In addition, not only asbestos, but also the chemical they call graphene is absent. Let our citizens who think that textile fibers that are too small to be seen as germs or bacteria should keep their minds at ease. No germs or bacteria in the masks. Some people are spreading false information either out of ignorance or bad intentions.


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