All Blizzard Games May Come in Turkish: Job Posting Opened

Blizzard Entertainment started looking for employees to bring ‘Turkish’ to its games and services. The job posting is seen as an indication that the games belonging to the company will have Turkish language and voiceover features.

One of the leading names in the video game world Blizzard Entertainment, signed a development that closely concerns the players in Turkey. The company is available through its official website and professional social media platform. Will work on Turkish localization The team started looking for the leader. This development shows that Blizzard will give more importance to Turkey in the upcoming period.

When we look at Blizzard’s job posting, we see that the games and services are in Turkish. will be localized we understand. It is not known which games and services will be included in these studies, but in the most general sense, we can make the following inference: Blizzard games coming soon Turkish language support and voice over can offer.

Blizzard started accepting TL as of last year.

Turkish language support, Blizzard’s First move towards Turkey not. The company started to accept Turkish lira as of last year. had begun. Thus, the players in our country would be able to buy the games in Turkish lira, not in dollars or euros. Moreover, Blizzard, the Turkish lira parity fixed at 10. In this way, the game prices remained below the real value.

The depreciation of the Turkish lira has caused significant problems in the video game world. We have readers who remember; Prices after Steam’s currency update 700 percent you’re on a hike we transferred. This meant that the game purchasing power of the players in our country would decrease. As a natural consequence of this, it is possible to say that the players in Turkey will be given less importance. After all, no developer wants to do something for a country where they can’t sell games. won’t want. Blizzard, on the other hand, seems determined not to leave Turkey.

So what games does Blizzard have?

blizzard english localization

  • Overwatch series
  • World of Warcraft series
  • Diablo series
  • hearthstone
  • StarCraft series
  • Heroes of the Storm

Here are these games some or allAs a result of Blizzard’s Turkish localization efforts, they will gain Turkish language support, perhaps Turkish voiceovers. In addition, Turkey-specific events may appear in the future.

Will Turkish language and voice-over support come to the Call of Duty series?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

It’s a little confusing here. Because the Call of Duty series is Blizzard Entertainment’s roofing company A game by Activision Blizzard. The Turkish localization leader announcement by the company seems to be valid for Blizzard Entertainment. So to say something clear on the subject not possible.

If you want to get detailed information about Blizzard’s job posting, here or here you can click the link.

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