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When the prototypes of the domestic tractor produced by ZY Electric Tractor, which was established in partnership with Önder Yol and Ziraat Private Equity, showed a successful result after the tests carried out in 39 different areas, it was decided to start mass production. As of today, the features of the prototype have been updated. So we’ve put together everything that is known about these vehicles.

The performance data for the domestic electric tractor has been changed! increased 3 times

ZY Electric Tractor, unlike many domestic and foreign hybrid tractor projects, will be produced with a 100 percent electric motor. In the past, it was said that the vehicle will have 105 horsepower, 494 Nm of torque and a 53 kWh battery.

However, after the new update, the domestic electric tractor data has changed. It is stated that the last prototype, which is expected to go into production, will have 318 horsepower and 777 Nm of torque and a 155 kWh battery. But other than that, the features are pretty similar.

Togg has started installing the TruGo charging station!

Togg has started installing the TruGo charging station!

As of today, Togg has started installing the TruGo charging station. It is said that for now, tests are ongoing on the first device. Here are the details…

For example, it is said to provide up to 90 percent energy savings compared to its internal combustion competitors. In fact, according to ZY’s data, it can travel 100 kilometers at a cost of around 3 TL. In addition, the vehicle, which makes use of all the possibilities of the electric motor, stands out with its very quiet operation even under the highest workload.

In addition, due to its nature, maintenance costs will be much lower. In addition, according to the data announced by ZY, it will have a fast charging time of under 45 minutes. The charging unit to be used here will be integrated into the vehicle.

domestic electric tractor

In addition, it was stated in the statement made in the past years that an average farmer can keep fuel costs of 133 thousand TL per year in his pocket. Of course, electricity and diesel prices have increased 2-3 times over time. Therefore, we can say that this amount has exceeded the level of 200 thousand TL at the moment.

The factory where these tractors will be produced is expected to be completed by 2023. In 2023, 1200 units will be produced. But the state wants the company to increase this number to 10 thousand. Of course, this will not happen all at once. However, this target is also expected to be achieved in 2024 to 2025.

  • Power (Hp): 318
  • Torque (Nm): 777+
  • Battery capacity (kWh): 155+
  • Maneuver (Wd): 4+
  • Quick charge: full charge in 45 minutes

note: It is thought that the old data shared by the company may belong to the 2nd tractor prototype with small dimensions, which is pictured above.

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