Alexa will be able to read fairy tales with one person’s voice!

A new feature developed for Amazon Alexa has been announced. In the statements made by Amazon, it was stated that Alexa can read fairy tales by imitating a person’s voice. Details of the feature were not disclosed.

The voice assistant service of the US giant company Amazon Alexawill have a very important feature in the near future. According to the statements made by the company, Alexa products are now able to imitate a person’s voice. All that is needed is a one-minute recording of the impersonator’s voice.

One of Amazon’s top executives Rohit Prasadspoke about Alexa at an event in Las Vegas. Mentioning that a brand new feature has been developed for Alexa, Prasad said that users can now listen to the voice of the person they want. that they can listen to fairy tales told.

A deceased relative can tell you a tale

In a scenario animated at the event organized by Amazon, deceased grandmother of a small child sound created. Amazon Alexa imitated the voice of the deceased grandmother and told the child a fairy tale. But the scenarios are of course from this consists of not. When the scope of the new feature expands, any person’s voice will be available for any reading text.


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Where our dreams and science fictions come true in the golden age of artificial intelligence we are living.Using the expressions, Rohit Prasad did not make much of a statement about the new feature of Amazon Alexa. Details such as when the feature will be available and which languages ​​it will support are for now. keeps its mystery.

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