Albert Einstein’s Manuscript Notes Up for Auction

The 54-page manuscript notes, in which Albert Einstein and his friend Michele Besso laid the foundations of the theory of relativity, are up for auction today. Of the 54-page notes, 29 have Einstein’s writing. The manuscript is estimated to be worth up to $3.5 million.

German theoretical physicist who made numerous contributions to the world of science A manuscript by Albert Einsteinwill go to an auction in the coming days, which is expected to be contested by many collectors. In these pages, which will be one of the most valuable manuscripts ever to be auctioned, Albert Einstein and his friend Michele Besso laid the foundations of the general theory of relativity.

The manuscript, which will be auctioned this evening via Christie’s, It consists of 54 pages in total.. Pages featuring the writings of Einstein and his friend Between $2.4 million and $3.5 million It is expected to be sold at a value. If the expectation comes true, this manuscript will be one of Albert Einstein’s most expensive assets to go up for auction.

The fruits of Einstein and his friend’s thoughts lie in 54 pages:

Pages written at the time spanning 13 June 1913 and early 1914 show Einstein and Besso’s quest to solve a cosmic mystery. In particular, the duo are trying to explain that Mercury’s orbit is slightly further away than predicted by Newton’s laws of motion. In this statement ideas and equations that will become the basis of the theory of relativity is being used.


According to the information provided by the auction platform, 54 pages Only Einstein’s own writing on the 26th exists. Only Besso’s writing is on 24 pages. Three pages contain the writings of both Besso and Einstein. On the pages, it can be seen that Besso added comments to Einstein’s ideas, and Einstein added comments to Besso’s ideas and their own. For example, an idea of ​​Einstein’s ‘It works!‘ he seems to have noted.


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Einstein’s manuscripts often sell for millions of dollars. A manuscript containing the famous equation E=mc2, sent from Einstein to a rival physicist in May 2021, is up for auction. 1.2 million It was sold for dollars. In 2017, two notes Einstein wrote to a bellboy at a hotel in Tokyo 1.5 million dollars had been sold.

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