AKUT I’m Safe Application Coming to Huawei Watches

The application called I’m Safe, offered by AKUT, came to Huawei’s new generation smart watches. Thanks to this application, users will be able to share information that they are safe in the event of an earthquake and their location data with their relatives via their smart watches.

Developed by the Search and Rescue Association (AKUT) and made available a while ago I’m safe The application named was also developed for the smart watches of the Chinese technology company Huawei. The application specially prepared for HarmonyOS, as of now Huawei Watch GT2 Pro and Huawei Watch GT3 available to their owners.

The application, which can be used by consumers with Huawei’s new generation smart watches, Huawei Health It is uploaded to the smart watch via the mobile application. It seems that it will be of great importance for citizens that the application called I’m Safe, which has become available very quickly, is on smart watches. Well, AKUT’s I’m Safe application what exactly does it do?

Instant information can be provided during natural disasters

The I’m Safe application, which was available for Android and iOS in the previous periods, came to Huawei’s smart watches with the latest work, especially earthquake during works great. So much so that users, after downloading this application to their smartphones, process the phone numbers of their relatives into the system. During a disaster, when you enter the application and click on the button that says “I am safe”, predetermined phone numbers are entered. automatically message and location information being sent. The application, which works with the SMS method, is not affected by internet interruptions thanks to this feature.


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I’m Safe coming to Huawei’s smart watches, your citizen for the benefit. Because in an earthquake, it may not be possible to reach the phone. With Huawei’s smart watches, users are constantly on your wrists the one which They will be able to report their location and safety over the clock.

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