Akbank application crashed! Having access problems

Customers using the Akbank application began to share on their social media accounts that they had crashed. The access problem, which has been experienced since morning hours, still continues. Akbank made a statement on the subject on its Twitter account. Here are the details…

Akbank announced that the access problem will be solved in a short time!

Users who could not access the Akbank application reacted on social media. Many users made posts on the 15th of each month stating that they had similar problems. Unable to login to Akbank application in general. Bank users who want to log in face the following problem:

Akbank Support also responded to a customer’s post and made the following statements on its official Twitter account:

Hello, our relevant units are working on the issue you mentioned in your post and it is expected that the issue will be resolved as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Vivo introduced its new products in Turkey!  Prices announced

Vivo introduced its new products in Turkey! Prices announced

Vivo introduced its new products in Turkey and also presented the price tags of the devices at the event! Here are the details..

While some customers have improved the application, others still have problems. While the collapsed application hindered the work of many people, the access problem in question took the first place in Turkey’s agenda on Twitter. Here are the reactions from social media about the problem in question:

What do you, our readers, think about this issue? Has your Akbank application crashed or are you experiencing access problems? You can express your views in the Comments section.

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