Airdrop Wind in BLUR and 2 Altcoins: Investors Flocked!

In the ever-evolving cryptocurrency world, the last few days have witnessed important developments, especially in the fields of PYTH, Blur and SSV network. Here are the details..

PYTH Airdrop craze: Alameda address attracted attention

On November 20, Lookonchain observations revealed that an address starting with 9un5wq linked to Alameda is currently the seventh largest PYTH holder with 63.5 million PYTH. The PYTH accumulated because the address received airdrops from more than one channel is worth approximately $20.47 million. The day the official news announced that applications for the PYTH airdrop were open, coin enthusiasts also rejoiced. Coincko data shows the current value of PYTH at $0.38, adding excitement to the ongoing airdrop opportunity.

Blur caused volatility in the market

Blur NFT Market made waves on November 21 by announcing the end of Season 2, triggering the start of airdrop redemptions for traders. The Season 2 airdrop totaling 307.6 million BLUR (approximately $97 million) is now available for redemption. Investors have 45 days to claim their coins. While Season 2 came to an end, the project wasted no time and launched Season 3, which promises six months of new rewards for both NFT investors and BLUR holders.

Specifically, 50% of Season 3 rewards will be distributed to NFT traders via Blur points, encouraging participation through NFT bidding, listing, and borrowing. Ember’s analysis reported that the Blur team’s multi-signature address transferred 307,600,900 BLUR to the airdrop contract address 0xB38. This significant move marks the official start of the Season 2 airdrop redemption, with the total amount equating to approximately $97 million.

Three investors have the largest BLUR wallets

In another notable transaction on November 21, Wintermute transferred 8.7 million tokens (about $2.6 million) to OKX during the redemption period of the Blur second quarter airdrop. Lookonchain investigated the details of the Blur Season 2 airdrop and revealed that the top ten wallet addresses received a total of 85.69 million BLUR, worth approximately $27.25 million. Notable recipients include hanwe.eth and machibigbrother.eth, while ongoing activity demonstrates an active and engaged community.

Tokens are distributed on the SSV network

Amid the PYTH and Blur excitement, the SSV network made a major announcement on November 20. The network proudly stated that the first round of the mainnet plan to promote on social platforms has been successfully completed. Following DAO guidelines and voting, a total of 2122 SSV tokens will be distributed to validators, with 685 out of a total of 1219 validators on the network currently eligible.

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies, these developments highlight continued innovation and participation within the crypto community. As PYTH airdrops flow and Season 3 of Blur begins, enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the next chapters in these projects’ journeys. Stay tuned for more updates as the cryptocurrency world continues to evolve.

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