Air Quality Improved in Bilbao by Lowering the Speed ​​Limit

Bilbao, one of Spain’s major cities, has managed to weaken the impact of many environmental problems by making a seemingly small move. In the city in question, the speed limit was reduced from 50 kilometers per hour to 30 kilometers per hour, resulting in less smoke, less noise and less pollution.

Especially in big cities, there are many pollutions that we encounter. Light, weather and sound These situations, which we see in different areas such as these, adversely affect both our quality of life and nature and contribute to existing environmental problems. In order to weaken the impact of these problems, Bilbao The city government has decided to lower the speed limit in the city.

of Spain Bilbao, one of the major cities, was quite relieved after the decision, according to the statements made by the authorities. As a result of the decision, there were significant decreases in both accident rates and the amount of noise in the city. Certainly, dissatisfied with the decision people do not exist.

The city’s air quality has improved:

The speed limit in Bilbao was previously within the city was 50 kilometers per hour. After the new regulation to 30 kilometers per hour Officials said that the accident rates decreased and the severity of the accidents decreased.

Apart from that, the city Deputy Mayor Alfonso GilHe said that the noise in the city was reduced by 2 to 3 decibels, less pollution and less smoke. In order for this decision, supported by awareness campaigns, to reach its full potential, Gil also stated that it is necessary to change everyone’s transportation habits with trainings.

Biilbao taxi

There are also people who are not satisfied with the decision in question. The first of these, which slowed down the business greatly taxi drivers came. One of them said that he had to work longer hours due to the slowdown in business. In addition no buildings around The decrease in the speed limit on the roads caused the drivers to react.


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This is not Bilbao’s first investment in the environment. So in the city in the past 30 years large amounts of sustainable public transport infrastructures such as trams and subways investments have been made. In addition, the historical district of the city and most of the shopping streets have been declared a pedestrian zone. Following the said decision, the European Commission awarded the City Road Safety Award to Bilbao.

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