Air Pollution Takes 6 Times More Lives than Traffic Accidents

Compiling the IQAir 2020 Air Quality Report, Hürriyet achieved striking results. According to research, air pollution in Turkey is at a critical limit. Although we are in the same category as developed countries in many points, ignoring this situation may lead to an increase in the number of lives we lose due to air pollution.

Everyone knows, but nothing can be done with individual efforts. air pollutionis increasing its influence around the world. According to the latest researches, deaths due to air pollution caused by us humans are 6 times more than the number of people who lost their lives due to traffic accidents in Turkey. Compiling the IQAir 2020 Air Quality Report LibertyIt has achieved striking results…

According to the research conducted by IQAir, Turkey is at an important limit is located. Ranking 46th among 106 countries included in the survey, Turkey is very close to the PM 2.5 upper limit. In terms of air quality measurements, Turkey, on average, 18.70 percent the pollution level. Although this rate is showing a decline as of 2018, the situation is not very encouraging.

Here are the 10 countries with the worst weather in the world

According to IQAir’s research, the country with the most polluted air in the world is Bangladesh. These countries are Pakistan, India, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Oman, Train, followed by Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Experts as the causes of air pollution fossil fuel use, urbanization and industrialization they show. So how is the situation in Turkey?

Here are the cities with the most polluted air in Turkey:

Turkey air pollution

According to the researches, the city with the most polluted air in Turkey, Corum. This city, which has a PM 2.5 ratio of more than 35, Erzurum, Duzce, Konya, Bursa and Karabuk following. Kayseri, Trabzon, Kütahya and Divided are at serious risk of air pollution. The pollution rates of these cities are of PM 2.5 looks like it might go over it.

Turkey is one of the countries that provide incentives to increase energy efficiency.

Air pollution

According to the United Nations Environment Program, Turkey industrial energy efficiency He’s not in a very good position. However, our country gives a lot of incentive for this situation to change. In this context, you may think that the report is negative for Turkey. However, there is no such thing. Because countries such as the USA, China and Russia are also with Turkey. same fate they share.

Turkey is one of the countries that enacted laws to improve air quality.


Many parts of the world have taken some measures to prevent air pollution. live and regulations forming. One of these countries is Turkey. Laws and regulations in China, Canada, the USA, Australia and all of Europe require air quality to be kept above a certain level. contribution provides.

We are in the same situation as other countries in terms of vehicle fuels.


When we look at the United Nations Environment Program, we see that Turkey, just like developed countries, with advanced vehicle emission standards We see that it is one of the countries. Africa and the Arabian Peninsula do not care about this situation. Because these countries also consume fuels with low sulfur content and vehicle emissions. they don’t care. It is worth saying that this situation poses a risk for the whole world.

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