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Rovaşata in the Coffin, Behzat Ç. Famous actor Ahmet Uğurlu, whom we know from productions such as, passed away. Uğurlu was 71 years old.

Today, there was a development that would upset movie and TV series lovers in Turkey. Master actor who has frequently appeared in cinema and television for many years. Ahmet Uğurlu’s It was announced that he passed away. Auspicious, he was 71 years old.

Uğurlu’s death was announced with the posts of names such as Cem Yılmaz and Zafer Algöz. In addition, many famous names expressed their sadness about the death of the actor on social media. No information has yet been shared about why Uğurlu lost his life. It was reported that his funeral will be held in Üsküdar at noon on Friday.

Who is Ahmet Uğurlu?

Ahmet Uğurlu was born in Konya in 1952. The master actor, who graduated from Ankara State Conservatory Theater Department, started his career with With theater plays in 1979 started. His first film after 13 years of theater adventure. He starred in Mine and entered the world of cinema. He took his step.

Uğurlu took part in many iconic productions in his career. The most notable of these is the movie directed by Derviş Zaim. It was Rövashata in the coffin. The master actor received awards for his role as Mahsun here. Apart from that, recently Behzat C. Saint Commissar, whom he played in the TV series We saw him in his role.

Some movies featuring Ahmet Uğurlu:

  • Ravage in the Coffin (1996)
  • A Matter of Country (2010)
  • Dongel Snow House (2005)
  • Crossroads (2012)
  • Birthplace Absurdistan (1999)
  • Mine (1982)
  • My Uncle (1999)
  • Behzat C. An Ankara Detective Story (2010)

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