Aggressive Increase in Bitcoin (BTC) Balance by Small Investors: Whales Abstain

Recent data has revealed that after the FTX crash, small investors’ Bitcoin (BTC) balances increased aggressively, while whales abstained and sold some.

Latest powered by on-chain analytics platform Glassnode datarevealed the attitude of investors of different volumes towards Bitcoin price. “shrimpsSmaller volume investors (those holding less than 1 BTC) FTX assets since its collapse. 96,200 BTC added. According to the data, this was the highest balance increase of all time created by shrimps. This community where I look at the current figures your circulating supply to 6.3% equivalent 1.21 million BTCfrom holding more.

crabs” and limited to 10 BTC in volume, investors have been in the last 30 days. 191,600 BTC added to its assets. This aggressive increase also meant an all-time high for crabs.

whales” and the most voluminous players in the industry, unlike other small investors, they chose to reduce the amount of BTC in their hands. From whale wallets to exchanges after the FTX drop 6.500 thousand BTC transferred and sold. Although whales seem to reduce their BTC holdings, it belongs to all whales. 6.3 million BTC Considering the quantity sold remained minimal.

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