After Electricity, Natural Gas Will Come to a ‘Graduated Tariff’

The gradual tariff application in electricity, which was on the agenda the other day and is currently on the agenda of the Parliament, seems to come to natural gas as well. Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Dönmez stated that they are working on a similar application.

With the new law presented to the parliament by the AK Party in the past days, it was envisaged to introduce a gradual system for electricity bills. With this system, all that an ‘upper limit’ will be placed on consumersIt was stated that consumers who exceed the upper limit will face bills calculated from a tariff above the normal tariff.

The new system, which is said to have been prepared for the purpose of saving electricity, faced many reactions before it entered into force. While the upper limit to be given to electricity consumers has not been determined yet, today’s Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Dönmez Thinking of switching to the same system showing An explanation has come.

The gradual tariff also applies to natural gas:

Minister Fatih Dönmez stated that the gradual tariff on electricity bills is currently on the agenda of the Parliament and will be discussed in the commission. Dönmez said that this application is implemented by many municipalities in their water bills and said, “We are working on a similar application for natural gas.” he said and continued his words as follows:

especially in winter, during periods of intense consumption of our citizens a two-stage tariff study We plan to pass. The timetable has not been clarified yet, we are waiting for the law to come out.”

Most of the price increase in natural gas was not passed on to the consumer:

Dönmez stated that after that, natural gas prices in Europe increased significantly, and the prices in the spot electricity markets increased almost three times compared to the beginning of the year. He stated that they observed some increases that were not at this rate in Turkey as well, and stated that they did not reflect a large part of this to the households, and they provided a protection. Considering the SCT in natural gas, electricity and fuel, approximately 127 billion dollars of support was made also added.


11 Dollars Just 4 Days Ago Over 12 TL

Dönmez said that as of the last quarter, the price of natural gas is almost 1 in 4 is reflected on the invoices, He said that this rate is half in electricity.

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