After Apple Watch, AirPods also saved lives!

With the development of technology, new devices that diversified according to the usage needs began to emerge. Examples of these are wearable technologies that include devices such as smart watches and wireless headphones. These products, which have become more and more capable day by day, are now seen as an important tool that can save human lives rather than their current functions.

Especially recently, we have witnessed that Apple Watch saves the lives of the users involved in the accident by activating the Emergency SOS feature with the detection functions of the watches. Finally, AirPods, another product of the company, saved the life of a woman who fell from a height.

Apple Watch saves lives again!

Apple Watch has come up with life-saving stories many times in the past years. This time, the Fall Detection feature succeeded.

AirPods saves designer’s life after falling from height

New Jersey floral designer Susan Putman suffered a head injury when she fell from a height while working alone in her studio. 60-year-old Putman, who was not in a position to seek help because he was alone and was seriously injured, saved the life of AirPods, which was always worn in his ear due to his habit of listening to music.

Susan Putman was working on the ladder to grow the 2.5 meter wreath she had received some time ago. Meanwhile, he was listening to music with AirPods in his ear. However, the flower designer, who suddenly lost his balance and fell from the ladder, was traumatized by hitting his head on the metal poles on the ground.

Susan Putman

Coming to his senses after a while, but unable to stand up, Putman realized that his AirPods were still in his ear, and simply commanded Siri, “Hey Siri, call 911”. Siri immediately contacted the police after the command and remained on the line until the paramedics arrived.

Susan Putman described the dangerous moments she lived as follows;

The only thing I remember is that I had two policemen with me, one pressing my head with a towel and the other telling the ambulance to go faster because I was bleeding heavily. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t be here if they had arrived 15 minutes later. If it weren’t for my AirPods, I would be absolutely dead.

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