Affordable Refurbished Product Platform: New Mobile Again!

As the price increase in electronic products continues, so does the interest in refurbished products. Again, with the New Cep Vestel refurbishment center guarantee, it offers consumers not only phones but also refurbished products in categories such as televisions, small household appliances, headphones and smart watches.

It is not easy to have technological products in Turkey. Inflation, which rises in parallel with the increase in the exchange rate, prices of electronic products has also increased significantly. Even when you want to buy a mid-range smartphone today 10 thousand TLYou need to review .

Prices are not the only reason for the difficulty of accessing technological products. For example, when you want to buy a smartphone, only models up to 12 thousand TL 12 month installments you can receive. However, when the price exceeds 12 thousand TL, the right to make a maximum of 3 installments is granted. Alright refurbished electronic products at much more affordable prices Did you know you can buy As well as Vestel renewal center guarantee with…

You can also buy refurbished products in many categories with Yeni Cep!

Again, Yeni Cep is under the guarantee of the Vestel renewal center refurbished product It allows you to buy. Moreover, it is not just a smartphone; You can reach refurbished products even in the category of televisions, headphones, tablets and even small household appliances. For example, if you go to New Pocket again, refurbished tv Looking at the prices, market prices We see that it’s pretty low.

Refurbished iPhone

The concept of refurbished electronics may have confused you, especially in the phone category. After all, even buying a second-hand phone today IMEI registration There are discussions such as whether there is a part replacement or not. If you have such a doubt, you can have peace of mind for Yeni Cep again. Because the Vestel refurbishment center, which carries out guaranteed renewals, is for refurbished products. received approval from the ministry and works in this direction.

Vestel refurbished product

You Again via New Mobile refurbished phone If you buy it, you get a 24-month warranty, which is the same as brand new phones. You also purchased the refurbished phone You can return it within 14 days. In addition to these, it should be noted that the option of installments to the credit card is offered at the time of purchase.

If you want, you can also sell the phone and television you use!


Again, one of the advantages of Yeni Cep is, television and phone You can also sell. In this way, the phone or television you use Can sell to Yeni Cep againYou can purchase another refurbished product with the Vestel Renovation Center Guarantee. This will further reduce your cost. At the same time, the high damage caused by the plastic and lithium-ion batteries in the unused phones and televisions to the nature when thrown away. you will have eliminated.

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