Affordable Adobe Acrobat Alternative: UPDF

Adobe’s number one PDF editor, Acrobat, While it is a useful tool that offers many features, it is not very budget friendly. UPDF, an affordable alternative, offers almost everything Acrobat can do, with the possibility of paying once and owning it for life.

PDF (Portable Document Format), the standard format for electronic files, offers a seamless experience and great advantages as it can be viewed on any device and environment. To edit or create these files, we need a PDF editor.

PDF editors include features such as digital signature, highlighting and encryption beyond just viewing and editing a file. Today, the popular PDF editor Adobe Acrobat with an opposing opponent here we are: UPDF.

Let’s first remember why we depend on PDF files:

Developed by Adobe in 1993 PDF formatbecame an open standard in 2008. Well, isn’t this file format developed decades ago left behind and outdated for today? The answer to the question is no.

First of all, PDF has been in the business and internet world for more than ten years thanks to its popularity in a short time. standard document format continues to be. Today, when you try to search for a report, document or publication on the Internet, you download them to your computer as a PDF file.

The vast majority of Internet users not only download these PDFs, but also search for information in the PDF, make use of the data, edit the pages and texts, or convert this PDF file to different formats.

Advantages of the PDF format:

  • Not having to worry about formatting corruption in text, visual and link arrangements thanks to all document information being in the source file.
  • Being able to access the file from all platforms, regardless of mobile, Mac or Windows
  • Space saving as it can be compressed without any loss
  • Instant sharing in digital environment
  • It can be protected by password or certificate ways.

What is UPDF?


UPDF is a PDF editor that allows you to do all the operations you need to do on PDF files. Moreover, the software offers a great advantage over all its competitors, especially with its affordable price. The software, of course, sees Adobe Acrobat as its biggest competitor in this regard.

You can buy UPDF, which already has an advantageous price compared to its competitors, with a 53% discount by clicking this link.

So, why are people looking for an alternative software to Adobe Acrobat?

Although Adobe Acrobat is the most established PDF editor software today, it also has some disadvantages. The biggest of these disadvantages lies in the price tag. Users who want to use Adobe Acrobat for the Standard edition 978 TL per yearif for the Pro version 1,500 TL per yearIt pays a fee.


UPDF prices are given at the current exchange rate.

On the other hand, users who pay this high fee do not actually use many of the features offered by the software and pay a high fee just to use the simple features. Moreover, the Standard version Windows only used on the platform. In other words, if you want to use Acrobat on Mac or mobile devices, you have to pay 1,500 TL per year.

Another downside of Adobe Acrobat lies in its user experience. The software includes an interface that can be considered complex, especially for those who want to perform simple PDF editing. In addition, since the software is overloaded and inflexible, it does not promise speed in performance.

What does Adobe Acrobat alternative UPDF offer?

UPDF, it includes all the features that a PDF editor should have, as well as some that are not available in Acrobat. With UPDF, users can read and add comments to the PDF file, and edit all elements within the PDF, including text, images, links, watermarks, and backgrounds. It also allows organizing PDF pages.

updf image

UPDF is also used to digitize real-life documents as PDFs. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology support. Thanks to this technology, after taking a photo of a document, all the information in the document is automatically transferred to a digital PDF file.

The application is currently in total 38 languagesIt also offers the opportunity to benefit from OCR technology.

So what are the differences between UPDF and Adobe Acrobat?

The biggest difference between UPDF and Adobe Acrobat comes in the price tag. UPDF, $29.99 per year (563 TL at current exchange rate) bears the price tag. But UPDF has a different and great advantage. Users who don’t want to deal with monthly subscriptions can subscribe to UPDF. $49.99 ($938 at current exchange rate) In return, he can have it for life.

updf table

UPDF offers almost every feature of Adobe Acrobat with a lightweight and easy-to-use interface. In addition to its price and ease of use, the software also receives regular and frequent updates. The developer team releases a new update for the software every week.

On the other hand, UPDF currently hosts some advantages. The software is not yet capable of creating fillable forms and batch processing multiple PDFs. However, the software offers this and all the other features that are missing according to Acrobat, according to the developers’ statement. within 3 months will meet.

The question on many people’s minds is: Why are PDF programs paid for?

There are some online or offline tools available to edit PDF nowadays. with free tools we can meet. Many of these tools also allow basic editing of PDF files.

However, as with any software, the following rule applies to PDF editors: The more powerful and functional the tool, the less likely it is to be free. Many of the free PDF editing tools you can find today allow you to edit images and formats in text. to be done correctly does not allow.

Many free tools even make the files you’re trying to open and edit look like a solid photo. Paid PDF tools are without breaking the original structure It also allows you to make edits easily. In addition, OCR support, digital signature and many features that come to the aid of industries are also included in the software.

So we are in need of paid PDF editors to edit PDF files without any problems and create PDF file or convert a PDF to different formats smoothly.

By clicking this link, you can download UPDF, which already has an advantageous price compared to its competitors. 53% off you can buy.

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