AfD boss Chrupalla: a German poem? I can’t think of any now – domestic politics

If German cultural assets are on the party agenda, one should actually be familiar with it.

AfD boss Tino Chrupalla (46) has just stated in an interview on his party’s school policy that more German poems should be learned in class again. But when he was asked by a ZDF children’s reporter about his favorite German poem, there was only embarrassing stammering.

“You want to introduce more German cultural assets into schools. What does that actually mean? ”,“ Logo! ”- child reporter Alexander asked the Saxon top candidate of the far-right party.

“We want more German folk songs to be learned again, that more German poems to be learned again, that we should pay more attention to our German poets and thinkers in schools,” Chrupalla replied.

The young journalist doesn’t seem to like that. “I think we actually have to learn a lot of poems by heart,” he replies and then pushes the next question: “What is your favorite poem? A German favorite poem. “

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Chrupalla hesitates at first, he doesn’t seem to have expected the question, since this is exactly the subject. “I have to think about it first, I can’t think of anything,” he stammered. “Not?” Asks the child reporter. “No,” says Chrupalla.

When asked about a favorite poet instead of a poem, Chrupalla then mentions Heinrich Heine. Apparently, the AfD man did not have to learn poetry in school.