Advice to Crypto Investors from Former Ark Invest Manager: How to Act in the Current Market?

Chris Burniske, former head of Ark Invest’s crypto division, offered suggestions on how investors should act in the current bear market.

Picture of Chris Burniske twitter In the posts he made on his account, he showed that the investors during the tough bear market. to take the right steps. gave critical advice. Most investors are hysterical. Burniske underlined that this situation contributed to the out-of-control volatility and reckless movements of the market.

Calmness and Rationality

First and foremost advice shared by Burniske, as calm and rational as possible was to stay. Mentioning that everyone’s predictions and movements are extremely hysterical, the investment manager said that it is necessary to stay calm and think logically. first and most critical step thinks it will.

Keep calm, stay sensible. Things are rarely as good or as bad as they seem. Remember that at a time like this, gossip gets out of control. I see logic errors everywhere. Yes, things are at their highest fear level for crypto right now, it’s okay to feel scared, but we’ll get over it. However, I remain optimistic and I believe we will one day admire these prices.

Burniske believes the industry will become more stable in the future as more clarity will be provided to market participants next week. on the other hand most likely a rumor chaos this week and weekend livable.

Be Prepared

According to Burniske’s recommendations, investors stay mentally strong needs. Although the prices are very low and seem like a bottom, it is imperative that everyone be prepared for a downward wave that may come. It is important for each investor to stick to his own plan and act with discipline. FTX The problem has not been solved yet and as it is known, the stock market has been added to the markets in total. 8 billion dollars He has around debt. This situation can trigger new collapses and cause some more damage to the ecosystem.

Be patient

The investment manager’s final piece of advice is to be patient and, if necessary, step away from cryptos for a while.

Finally, be patient. If possible, pull the plug occasionally and stay away from the markets. Be sure to exercise; It will reduce your stress and aid cognition.

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