Administrative court of Chemnitz decides: hate posters of the right-wing extremists can be left hanging | Regional

Zwickau / Chemnitz (Saxony) – The hate posters of the right-wing extremist micro-party “The III. Weg ”are allowed to stay in Zwickau. The Chemnitz administrative court decided on Tuesday. The court thus granted an urgent application by the party.

The election posters with the imprint “Hang the Greens!” Must now be placed at a distance of at least 100 meters from the campaigns for the Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen party.

The Zwickau city administration ordered on September 9th that the hate posters had to be removed within three days.

The administrative court in Chemnitz based its decision on the fundamental right to freedom of expression. It is “currently open whether the strict requirements for such an interference” exist in the said fundamental right.

The International Auschwitz Committee was also indignant about the court decision. Executive Vice President Christoph Heubner called the decision “absolutely irresponsible”. He added: “The reasoning of the court is just as absurd as the judgment itself and not only leaves Holocaust survivors stunned in view of the court and the now again tolerated hate propaganda by right-wing extremists.”

Corresponding hate posters appeared in Munich a few days ago, but the police immediately removed them.