Adele’s interesting Spotify request will upset the fans!

Spotify It is a great advantage for the fans that the albums of all singers are collected in separate lists. But Adelemade an interesting request from the company with his return after 6 years.

Adele on the album charts removing the shuffle key He specifically requested it from Spotify. He also explained the reasons for this request by sharing on Twitter about the subject. This feature, which the company removed at the request of the singer, will upset the mixed music lovers.

Spotify lyrics feature is finally in Turkey!

Spotify brings the Lyrics feature to Turkey, saving us the trouble of dealing with browsers to see the lyrics.

Adele albums won’t have shuffle buttons

adele, 19 NovemberWith a new album after a 6-year hiatus in 30He took it out. Last album before 2015published in 25could only be purchased by hand. With her new album, the singer is on her own Spotify charts. Shuffle Playback (shuffle) has informed the company with great insistence that he wants to remove the feature. Adele, who is said to have received positive feedback from the platform, finally achieves the desired result and removes the shuffle feature from her albums.


The singer made a statement on the subject on his official Twitter account. He said that each of the albums released by the artists has a story and that changing the song order spoils the story. Therefore, he said that an artist’s album should be listened to as he wishes.

Adele’s new album at 30 tells some important stories from a certain period of the singer’s life. Therefore, it is normal for him to ask for a rest in order. However, his statement that they should all be listened to in order for an album caused a lot of criticism. Although he has made such a request, not every artist may agree.

Spotify, does not seem to have tolerated and turned down Adele’s request. However Apple Music has very strict principles in this regard. The reason for the company’s tolerance is predictable. 30’s the debut song Easy On Me, before K-pop with group BTS by on the platform most views in a day had broken the record. Of course, Spotify has not yet made a statement on the subject. But he doesn’t seem to want to lose one of the artists who gave him great rest.

What do you think about Adele’s removal of the shuffle feature from Spotify album lists? Do not forget to share your ideas with us in the comments.

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