Actor Vu Dinh: My horsepower is not in the saddle | Regional

Bremen – Air traffic controller, model, actor and parachutist. Vu Dinh (40) from Bremen is an all-rounder. Unless he’s in the saddle. Now Vu Dinh faced his fear of horses and got prominent help.

Ex-“Mr. President” star Judith Hildebrandt (44) is now a successful horse trainer. She knows: there is strength in calm. “

Vu Dinh drives up to Judith Hildebrand’s home with his Artega sports car: a full 300 hp under the bonnet doesn’t cause him any worries: “It happened a good 20 years ago. I went out for a ride with my ex-girlfriend. On the way back the horse accelerated and I toppled over on my side, including the saddle. We forgot to tighten the saddle in between. I haven’t ridden since then, ”said the actor. But for possible roles with a horse, Vu Dinh would like to get his fear under control.

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Ex- “Mr.-President” -Star Judith Hildebrandt is now a successful horse trainer and stands by Vu

Photo: Hornung

He stands in Judith’s stable: “I not only train horses, but also people. First of all, it is important to always approach the animal from the front. ”Vu looks a little nervous. Judith: “And that’s exactly what the horse feels, even your heartbeat, when you sit on it. It is important to find a positive routine with the horse and not show any emotions. The animal needs security. “

After a good hour of training, he is finally back in the saddle: “A great feeling. Judith explained everything to me calmly – that took away my fear. ”But for difficult film scenes the actor would prefer to use a double. But Judith is optimistic: “He has a good posture and now just has to stay on the ball.”

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