Activision Wanted to Buy Time Warner Before AT&T

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick announced that his company wants to buy media giant Time Warner, which holds the rights to productions such as Harry Potter and Batman, in 2018. But that didn’t happen, and Time Warner was sold to telecommunications giant AT&T that year for $85.4 billion.

The most talked about topic in the technology world lately, Microsoft and Activision Blizzard It was a combination of $68.7 billion. This deal, first announced last year, has yet to be finalized due to competition concerns from regulators. While the United Kingdom did not approve of the agreement, 38 countries, including the European Union and South Korea, received approval for the merger.

While the topic remains on the agenda, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick recently spoke to Variety. Kotick, years before the Microsoft deal, Acquiring a giant company of Activision in 2018 He admitted that he wanted

Activision wanted to buy Time Warner, which was sold to AT&T in 2018 and owned the rights to productions such as Batman and Harry Potter, but failed.

WB Games, operating under WarnerMedia (formerly Time Warner)

According to the statements, Activision Blizzard wanted to buy the media giant Time Warner in 2018. It holds the rights to many popular productions, including Batman, Lego and Harry Potter, and platforms such as HBO. Time Warnerin 2018 Sold to AT&T for a massive $85.4 billion feeand then WarnerMedia was named.

Kotick also stated that Activision is ready for acquisition while the AT&T deal with Time Warner is stuck in legal proceedings. CEO of his company at that time even all the capital He added that they are in a position to make an offer in case things go wrong with AT&T.

The 60-year-old famous businessman is about what would happen if such a thing happened.We would take their productions and turn them into plays. They would have turned ours into movies or TV shows and we would have been an amazing company.” used the phrases.

However, this exciting possibility never happened. AT&T succeeded in acquiring Time Warner in 2018, winning the lawsuits it filed in the USA. However, AT&T decided to leave WarnerMedia just a few years later. Subsequently, WarnerMedia merged with Discovery to become WarnerBros.Discovery as we know it today.


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If Activison had bought Time Warner, Batman, Mortal Kombat and Harry Potter Warner Bros., which makes games like He would also own the Games. WB Games had great success with Hogwarts Legacy, which sold millions this year.

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