Activision Blizzard starts moves after lawsuits

Activision Blizzard, Due to the scandals that have arisen in recent times, he is going through very troubled days. The company, which is in court with allegations of harassment and violence, is also making internal moves while the legal process continues. Activision Blizzard In his latest statement, he announced that layoffs had begun.

The company, which first parted ways with a group of employees, emphasized that this number would increase in the future. In addition, the company plans to take new measures. According to the first information received, the training within the company will increase.

Response to harassment allegations from Activison Blizzard

Regarding the harassment allegations against the company, Activision Blizzard broke its silence. The head of the company considered the allegations to be unfounded.

Activision Blizzard fired 20 people

Activision Blizzardresponsible for corporate affairs Frances Townsend, up to the present they laid off 20 people stated. Stating that they have taken steps in this regard, the company manager stated that investigations continue, apart from the dismissals. in total to more than 20 people No information was shared about what the outcome of the investigations would be.

Frances TownsendIn the figures announced by Luis Barriga, Jesse McCree, and Jonathan LeCraft’It is a question of whether he is involved. The names of the names, whose relations with the company were cut off in August, are mentioned in the lawsuits. Frances Townsend He did not make a statement to clear this question mark.

Those who want to strengthen their in-house departments Activision Blizzard, Ethics and Compliance department’It will also add new positions. In this way, it is aimed to use the department more efficiently. In addition to this, the studio, which will also attach importance to education, will triple explained.

Besides all these developments Activision Blizzardhas not seen the light in the judicial process. California Fair Employment and Housing DepartmentClaiming that . However, this request USA by the courts “trustworthy” not met. It was learned that the company had previously put its employees under pressure not to speak.

Activision Blizzard

Forced to dismiss senior executives due to harassment allegations Activision Blizzardcontinues to bleed. The company especially blizzard party, so to speak, has difficulty in retaining its employees. Let’s see how the case will progress in the coming days.

You too Activision Blizzard and you can tell us your opinions about the accusations.

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