Active Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones: SuperEQ Q2 Pro

Today, we reviewed the SuperEQ Q2 Pro ANC headset. Let’s take a closer look at how the headphones with active noise canceling, 4 microphones, and successful 12 mm drivers perform.

Headphones, which are among the most important among all technological devices, have started to develop from good to good today. While it used to be sufficient for the end user to provide a good sound experience, today it is required to have some specific features in addition to this feature. Of course, it is difficult and expensive to find headphones that offer them. Today it comes with many additional features such as active noise canceling, CVC 8.0 which offers excellent clear calls. We will review the SuperEQ Q2 Pro wireless earbuds.

The SuperEQ Q2 Pro headset, which I have had for almost a month, became a headset that I was satisfied with after my long review. Q2 Pro with Bluetooth 5.2‘s active noise canceling feature, which works very well, can prevent noise at a level that will surprise you in many areas such as a bus, school, an air-conditioned house. without listening to any music Even when you just put on the headphones and turn on the active noise canceling, you feel a sense of relief.

What are the technical specifications of the SuperEQ Q2 Pro wireless headphones?

Other features of the wireless earbuds, which I can’t praise for its noise canceling feature, are also very assertive. SuperEQ Q2 Pro with Hi-Res AudioIn addition to noise canceling, the “transparent mode” allows you to continue to receive external sounds while wearing headphones. Let’s take a closer look at these features of the SuperEQ Q2 Pro.

Active noise canceling (Hybrid Active Noise Canceling)

SuperEQ Q2 Pro

One of the best things the SuperEQ Q2 Pro has done active noise canceling. This technology, which enhances your listening experience while listening to music, leaves you alone with the music wherever you are. In addition, even if you do not listen to music at all, it significantly eliminates the hum that causes headaches after a while, allowing you to be at peace. When noise canceling is enabled, the headphones It uses a combination of built-in microphone and inverted sound waves to block out certain frequencies. This ensures that you do not hear unwanted sounds such as the sound of cars outside, the hum of the carpet above you.

SuperEQ Q2 can block up to 90 percent of outside noise. 3Noise that can be blocked up to 5 dB, is extremely sufficient to leave you alone with the work you will be doing. In my own examinations, I can easily say that this system works very well.

Battery performance that won’t let you down

SuperEQ Q2 Pro

We can say that SuperEQ Q2 Pro offers a much more assertive battery performance than other wireless earbuds. The Q2 Pro can play music for up to 11 hours on a single charge. With active noise canceling turned on, this time is reduced to 8 hours. With the charging case, this playtime goes up to 40 hours. With active noise canceling turned on, this time is 30 hours. This means that it will not let you down in any way in your daily use.

Deep bass and bright highs with Hi-Res Audio certification

SuperEQ Q2 Pro

The SuperEQ Q2 Pro comes with extremely powerful drivers despite being a wireless headphone. with high-definition sound certification “Hi-Res AudioThere are 12 mm neodymium magnet drivers in the earphones. These drivers can produce deep bass and bright treble sounds extremely powerfully. The Q2 Pro, which provides a very adequate music experience in both bass and vocal-heavy treble music, is combined with active noise canceling. ensures that your only focus is on the music you listen to.

It comes with 4 microphones

SuperEQ Q2 Pro

The microphone experience has always been more difficult with wireless earbuds. Due to their distance from where the sound comes from, these headphones, which also receive external sound, can strain your speaking experience. The SuperEQ Q2 Pro, on the other hand, has a total of 4 microphones, with two microphones on each side. These microphones optimize active noise cancellation, allowing you to communicate seamlessly on voice calls.

Let’s get to the conclusion: Is SuperEQ Q2 Pro bought?

Yes, friends, we have presented the features of the headset to you. I’ve been using for the past month. Q2 Pro, both in terms of ergonomics and sound quality made me very satisfied. In particular, the active noise canceling feature works extremely well and makes you feel more comfortable by cutting out all the hum outside. While it is a huge plus that it never let me down in terms of battery life, it also offers a satisfying performance in sound quality and volume. In addition, the touch keys on it work very stable. In light of my research I can say that the SuperEQ Q2 Pro is an extremely successful headphone.


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