According to insiders, the USA could deliver 30 Abrams tanks to Ukraine

Hacker group Killnet calls for cyber attacks on Germany

Shortly after the decision became known, the pro-Russian hacker group Killnet published a message on its Telegram channel about the planned Leopard deliveries, with the note “the apocalypse is drawing ever closer”. The group calls for a “comprehensive cyber attack on Germany”, in which other hacker groups should participate. The campaign has the hashtag #DeutschlandRIP.

The group had already claimed responsibility for attacks on German government websites last May. At that time, ministries and airports, among other things, were affected by cyber attacks. In the Baltic States, too, Killnet hackers have been repeatedly targeting public institutions with their cyber attacks, especially since the beginning of the Russian war against Ukraine. The group is known for so-called DOS and DDOS attacks on government agencies.

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