According to Experienced Trader and Analyst, Bitcoin’s 2x Rise Target is $ 25K

Veteran trader and analyst Peter Brandt claimed that Bitcoin (BTC) will reach the level of 25 thousand dollars, based on the new technical model he has come up with.

Peter Brandt is a recent social media in sharingmade remarkable statements about the Bitcoin price target. Bitcoin price in the past months “bottom” level of rare “a double-walled fulcrum model” Brandt, who stated that the 25 thousand dollars claimed to achieve.

The model in question is not seen in traditional markets put forward by the analyst Brandt. It’s an original model was put forward.

on the other hand cup handle Bitcoin price in the coming weeks if this new two-walled pattern similar to the formation $25,700 level can be reached. The analyst also refers to the players who open short (short) trades. long time market He also stressed that the conditions cannot be protected.

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