Academics Who Don’t Pay API Fee Delete Data!

Twitter had begun to ask for $42,000 per month from researchers who could access data for research purposes. Now, it has been revealed that those who do not pay this fee are given 30 days to delete the data they received before. According to the researchers, this policy of the company could have devastating consequences on the platform.

Twitter had undergone radical changes after it passed under the management of Elon Musk. previously free Twitter API Making access to (application programming interfaces) paid was one of them.

Now, there has been a development that concerns academics in this regard. Monthly for academics API access 42 thousand dollar herpes it wants the company that demands a fee to delete the data of those who do not.

Twitter gave researchers 30 days

The information released today, Twitter data of academic researchers if they will not pay the specified fee. Turns out he wanted to delete it. In other words, researchers who do not pay the money will not be able to get updated data and will have to delete old data. The company gave them 30 days to make a decision. It turned out that the researchers were even asked to take a screenshot of deleting the data.

Researchers on the platform have long disinformation and hate speech He was able to follow such topics as he could, and examine their effects on real life. To do this, Twitter provided an API called Decahouse. This API also contains 10% of researchers’ Twitter posts every day. into a bulk data stream. allowed access. Decahouse was previously available for free or for monthly fees of $200.


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However, as we mentioned at the beginning, the company removed free access to APIs in February and started to set high prices ranging from $ 100 to $ 42 thousand per month. This caused many companies to move away from Twitter. Universities also needed $42,000 of “enterprise API” subscriptions, which was too high for researchers to afford.

The decision can have frightening consequences

Researchers say the decision could have serious harm. For example, researcher Flippo Menczer of Indiana University said that the decision was made on the platform. its dire effects, such as the spread of disinformation, He said it could be. He also added that issues such as the removal of fake accounts will be affected.

Some academics stated that they would quit their studies due to this decision, while others stated that they would obtain the data informally. We will see how this policy of Twitter will produce results in the future.

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