A101’s 80 Thousand TL Boat Selling Is On The Agenda

It has been revealed that A101, one of Turkey’s largest store chains, will soon put a boat up for sale. The sale of the boat, which has a price of 79,999 TL, became the agenda on social media.

The price increases in every field in our country, which we all know, make it difficult to buy any product anymore. For this reason, citizens are trying to chase discounted products. One of Turkey’s largest supermarket chains A101 It is also known for offering different devices for sale at a discount.

The giant store had sold the iPhone 13 for 2000 TL cheaper than the market in the past months. Also, other affordable electronics were coming to the store. However, now the news has revealed that the A101 will soon launch a very different product.

A101 will sell boats for 79,999 TL

A brochure containing the products that A101 will put on sale on Thursday, August 11, revealed that the boat will be sold in the store. In the brochure, the features of the boat are included. for 79.999 TL It was seen that it will be offered for sale for 83,199 TL in installments. In addition, it was emphasized that the engine is not included in the product.

The A101, which appeared with different products, started to sell boats for about 80 thousand liras. on social media became the agenda. Many users expressed their thoughts about the giant store selling such a product.

It should be noted that the A101 has also sold such a product in the past months. A catalog dated June 30, 2022 showed that 21,999 TL worth of fiber boats were sold in the store.

Here are some reactions to A101’s boat sale


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