A World First For These 6 Cryptocurrencies From 21Shares

Crypto investment product issuer 21Shares has launched the world’s first diversified staking income exchange-traded product (ETP).

Switzerland-based 21Shares announced yesterday that it has launched the world’s first diversified staking income offering ETP. “21Shares Staking Basket Index ETP” crypto staking index named this product, PoS (Proof of Stake) will focus on cryptocurrencies working with “STAC” with code BX Swiss on the stock market January 17 It is currently under the management of ETP, which started trading as of 104 thousand dollars exists.

The company currently serving for the 21Shares Solana Staking ETP and the 21Shares Tezos Staking ETP, for the 21Shares Staking Basket Index ETP Binance Coin (BNB), Cardano (ADA), Cosmos (ATOM), Polkadot (DOT), Left (LEFT) and Tezos (XTZ) It will follow the well-established and reliable cryptocurrencies of the market, including

21Shares and its parent company 21.cowith the inclusion of staking products 47 crypto ETP products on 12 exchanges offers. The 21Shares staking index methodology was created in collaboration with Swedish index provider Vinter.

21.co ETP Product Director Arthur Krause In his statement on the subject, he made the following statements:

Staking is a longstanding feature of the blockchain ecosystem that allows crypto holders to earn rewards in exchange for locking their assets. In this context, the products we offer provide value to investors by using ETP’s assets to generate a passive income that can offer additional income by contributing to the security of the network.

The company’s first staking ETP trial “21Shares Tezos Staking ETP” It was launched in 2019. Then in June 2021 “21Shares Solana Staking ETP” service was introduced to users.

21Shares, with its announcement last October, is the first physical support in the Middle East. Bitcoin ETPof the Nasdaq DubaiIt was listed in .

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