A Woman Was Abused In The Metaverse

In the metaverse universe of Meta, which includes Facebook, a 43-year-old woman said she was verbally abused and inappropriately touched by three male characters a few minutes after logging in.

Although there are still debates about whether the Metaverse is anything but nonsense. metaverse Since he has been so involved in the agenda, scandalous news about him has not ceased. Just last month, a woman developed software for Microsoft Windows and Oculus Quest systems. Horizon Worlds He said he was harassed virtually while working as a beta tester for

Now we are faced with a similar situation. A 43-year-old British woman named Nina Jane Patel appeared in the metaverse earlier this month. verbally abused by three men stated that he had been. Let’s take a look at the details of the event.

She was harassed from the minute she entered the Metaverse.

Nina, a company that deals with the metaverse vice president and enters Meta’s Horizon Venues Metaverse universe to research. From the moment she enters, the woman is sexually harassed by the three men on the platform.

inappropriately to Nina touchedsexually explicit talker and the woman screenshot Nina, who cut off her connection immediately after the ugly behavior of the three men who bought her, states that she has been experiencing anxiety ever since.


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Talking about the subject and signaling that they will seek solutions for such situations. Meta spokesperson In his statement he says: We’re sorry to hear this is happening, we want everyone at Horizon Venues to have a positive experience and be able to find help tools easily available in such situations. So that we can investigate the situation and take action as necessary.

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