A Visual Came From The First Car Of Volkswagen’s New Brand

The visual came from the first vehicle of the Scout brand, which Volkswagen established to launch an electric off-road vehicle. The image shared on the new brand’s website provided us with an idea of ​​how it will look, although it does not give us much detail about the car that will be released in 2026.

Like most automotive companies Volkswagen It is also making moves on electric vehicles. The Germany-based manufacturer has taken one more step in this regard to produce electric off-road vehicles in the near future. Scout Motors He launched a brand.

Now, there have been new developments about the future of this brand. When the Scout’s website is examined, it is seen that there is a sharing about how the brand’s first electric off-road vehicle will look. In the previous information, it was stated that the company will come up with an SUV and a pickup truck.

The first image shared from Scout’s vehicle:

The image on the site signals that the company’s first car, whose name is not yet known, will have a blocky design. Some drawings have appeared for Scout’s cars before. These drawings show that the vehicles can come with a more futuristic and minimalist design, as well as the legendary vehicle. From International Harvester Scout revealed that we might encounter an inspired look.

Scout’s pick-up and SUV models, which will allow the company to rival electric car giants such as Rivian Introducing the concepts in 2023 Waiting. If the production of these in 2026 is scheduled to be launched.

Volkswagen adds that its new brand will not include reconfigured versions of its own products, but that their aim is to design and manufacture new pick-up and SUV models for the US market. Also, instead of the MEB platform we saw in ID.3 and ID.4 a new technical platform It is reported that it will also be built for Scout vehicles.

Volkswagen AG CEO, Herbert Diess, also said: “After Volkswagen’s success in the US, we are looking to further strengthen our position in one of the most important growth markets for electric vehicles.” uses expressions. Although the German company has additionally signaled that the brand will not be sold outside of North America, yearly 250,000 vehicle sales your goals states that it is.


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