A US Newspaper Will Distribute iPads to All Its Subscribers

A local US newspaper has taken the generous step of reducing paper usage and directing the majority of its readers to digital form. Chattanooga Times Free Press announced that it will distribute iPads to all its subscribers from the beginning of this week until the summer of 2022. Along with iPads, readers will be given digital issues of the newspaper.

90s and 2000s kids know; The prizes given by the gifts and coupons distributed by the newspapers have always been exciting for the children. In fact, a newspaper gave Pringles to everyone who bought that day’s issue, and all the children of the country celebrated. This type of custom still continues in some countries. Some newspapers, on the other hand, have plenty of hands on gifts.

A development reminding that the days of giving encyclopedias to accumulated coupons are long gone, occurred in the US state of Tennessee. a local newspaper, announced that it will distribute iPads to all its subscribers. This gesture is said to be made to support the process of transitioning the newspaper to a fully digital form.

Subscribers will continue reading on iPad

Chattanooga Times Free Press announced yesterday that all subscribers of the newspaper will be given a free iPad. Starting Monday, subscribers will find an iPad, not a paper newspaper, in the mail they receive from the newspaper. A digital version of that day’s issue of the newspaper will also be provided with the iPad. tablet deliveries, It will be completed in mid-2022.


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The tablets will be given to those who already have a newspaper subscription worth $34. iPads to the company It will cost 4.4 million dollars. In addition, 1.7 million dollars will be spent on the training and marketing process for the transition to the digital version. The company will teach readers to read newspapers on tablets in conference rooms and at home. The Chattanooga Times Free Press, like many other US newspapers, could go all-digital after distribution of iPads, which will drastically reduce the company’s paper usage, ends in mid-2022.

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