A rival to cloud backup: 18 TB USB is coming!

Japanese tape drive manufacturer Unitex, the first with USB connection LTO-9 tape drive introduced. UNITEX USB LTO-9 tape drive, much more than any cloud backup service can reach, to 300 MBps It offers 18 TB internal capacity on a single band with transfer speeds of up to 18 TB.

tape drive, Type-A 3.0 Although it was launched as a model, having a USB port means it has almost universal compatibility using the converter.

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UNITEX USB LTO-9 tape drive specifications

The device is a successor to the LT80H, the LTO-8 USB desktop drive, and will likely be available at a significant price point. LT80H It has a $5,100 price tag, while the LTO version goes up to $6,000. The LTO-9 tape drive will be priced at a more reasonable $170, which is about half the price of a standard 18TB hard disk drive.

A spokesperson for Unitex, which developed the LTO-9 tape drive, also confirmed that pricing is yet to be finalized. Interestingly, however, the company offers as a service available in Japan. from tape backup offer talked about. “We are currently working to expand the service to global customers,” the spokesperson said. said.

Backing up to tape can be faster than uploading to the cloud, especially for smaller businesses that don’t have the setup to keep terabytes of data in a safe place. While it may take about 17 hours to back up 18 TB of data via USB, we can say that it may take much more time over broadband.

also tape storageprovides a physical alternative that reduces the risk of ransomware attacks. Therefore, the opportunity to rent an LTO-9 tape drive for a short period of time each month should not be overlooked.

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