A report that scares drivers about electric cars!

The electrification in the automotive sector continues at full speed. As of 2022, automobile companies started to say goodbye to internal combustion engines and switch to electric motors. In fact, there have been important studies on the subject in our country recently. What about the reliability of electric cars equipped with new technologies? Consumer Reports MagazineThe latest report from (Consumer Reports) revealed a fact about these tools.

Consumer Reports: Electric cars have low reliability

It is possible to say that electric vehicles, which host new technologies and can drive themselves without the need for a driver, are the future of the automotive industry. However, it is not at an accessible level for now, especially due to its prices. For global chip crisis, Pandemic and Russia-Ukraine war We are slowly saying goodbye for many reasons such as internal combustion Even the prices of vehicles have increased exponentially.

According to the latest report by Consumer Reports, electric vehicles are among the least reliable cars and pickup trucks in the automotive industry. Compared to hybrid and gas-powered cars and pickup trucks, fully battery-powered electric vehicles were the worst performing segment outside of traditional full-size pickup trucks.

Tesla was terrified!  Crushed more than one person

Tesla was terrified! Crushed more than one person

Tesla was involved in an incredible accident in China. Model Y, whose brake was allegedly burst, killed a young woman and motorcyclist.

Consumer Reportsseveral newly introduced for this report 2023 with the model from 2000 to 2022It has collected data on more than 300,000 vehicles. Apart from that, electric and hybrid models are among the most desired and demanded models in the report, but it is possible to say that the reliability ratings are the opposite of each other.

Consumer Reports’ senior director of automobile testing, Jake Fisher, attributed the related reliability problems in electric vehicles to the fact that companies operating in this field do not have enough time. Because, according to Fisher, manufacturers such as Tesla use these vehicles as a testing ground for new technologies and cannot spare the time to focus on the potential problems that affect the reliability they may cause.

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