A Pigeon Species Thought To Be Extinct Has Been Rediscovered

Scientists have rediscovered a species of pigeon that had not been seen since 1882 and disappeared from the face of the earth in Papua New Guinea.

than that exactly 140 years agoIt was first discovered in Papua New Guinea and has not been traced back since. of its kind a species of pigeon that is presumed extinctwas rediscovered by an expedition team.

And in the same place, on the island of Ferguson, a rugged island of the D’Entrecasteaux archipelago off the east coast of Papua New Guinea. The bird first It was also documented in this region in 1882.

The rediscovery of the Black-Necked Pheasant species has been an exciting event for scientists

Black-naped pheasant pigeon (Black-necked pheasant), this pigeon is large in size, its tail is quite wide and it is a land-dwelling species. Scientists know very little about the black-necked pheasant, and the species is still in danger of extinction.

The rediscovery of the black-necked pheasant has been a challenge for scientists. After months of research, they were placed on the island. ‘camera traps’ Capturing a photo of the black-necked pheasant species with the pheasant gave scientists the feeling of discovering a unicorn.


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But the biggest event of the discovery, Of course, besides the emergence of a species thought to be extinct for years,, other bird species thought to be extinct are still out there. to be hopeful. Who knows, maybe there are many living species in front of humanity that we haven’t seen…

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