A New Technology in Responding to Electric Vehicle Fires

Problems encountered in the batteries that enable the engines to run in electric vehicles can cause serious fires from time to time. A German company working on the subject has produced a new firefighting equipment to be used in responding to fires in electric vehicles.

One of the biggest problems encountered in electric vehicles, which are widely used today, is puncture of battery packs is known to be. It is used in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries that enable the electric motor to run by puncturing the battery packs. flammable materials by overheating can catch fire. Extinguishing fires in such cases is also increasingly It gets hard.

A firefighting equipment manufacturer company called Rosenbauer specializes in electric vehicles. with battery fires a new challenge to fire equipment part produced. Thanks to this equipment, which can be placed in the batteries of the vehicles, in cases where danger is encountered, the incident can be intervened quickly and the fire can be extinguished. under control intended to be acquired.

Fire extinguisher mounted on vehicles

The manufacturer company tested the fire extinguisher in various structures. best and successful He stated that he launched it with the design. The fire extinguisher, designed to fill the battery packs with water, is used to stop thermal runaways and extinguish the fire. efficient cooling provides. This equipment, produced by a company named Rosenbauer, is equipped with an extinguishing unit. special for electric vehicles a fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher, which works by being placed under the electric vehicles, can save the battery cells of the firefighters for approx. 25 feet away to fill it with tons of water at a distance possibility knows.

electric vehicles so far in crash tests sometimes the batteries don’t catch fire right away, from the event days after the fire broke out observed. Manufacturers recognize that one of the greatest benefits of this equipment is that it is installed on the battery, in the event of danger. step in and fierce fires able to prevent underlined that.


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This system was developed in Germany. all around the world can be used.

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