A New Pyramid and Hundreds of Mummies Discovered in Egypt

Archaeologists, who continued their excavations in Egypt, unearthed hundreds of new mummies and a new pyramid. It was determined that the pyramid belonged to a queen whose name had never been heard before.

One of the greatest and mysterious civilizations in human history Ancient Egypt new discoveries were made. Archaeologists have discovered a new tomb just below the tomb of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. many coffins and tunnels of mummies brought to light. Moreover a new pyramid was also discovered.

Of the numerous mummies discovered, Tutankhamun’s closest to his generals and advisers They are presumed to belong. Detailed explanations about the discovered mummies were also shared.

The number of coffins is 300 in total:

  • Zahi Hawass next to newly discovered mummies.

Egyptologist Zahi Hawass, who spoke to Live Science and took part in the excavation, made the new discovery. length ranging from 9-18 meters He explained that there were tunnels and a total of 300 coffins. Each of these coffins belonged to the ‘New Kingdom’ period in Ancient Egypt, which lasted from 1500 BC to 1070 BC.

Each of the coffins found features different faces, distinguishes between men and women, and each is decorated with decorations depicting the Ancient Egyptian funerary text ‘Book of the Dead’. However, in each coffin the name of the person insideand some included the name of the person who embalmed the person.

Archaeologists who opened the mummy again encountered something surprising. Mummies compared to other mummies they were very well preserved. In addition, there were various items, figures and statuettes in the coffins.

The surprising aspect of the discovery was that it was thought that nothing belonging to the period in question could be found in this area until today.

A brand new pyramid was also discovered:

egypt new pyramid

In new excavations belonging to a previously unknown and unheard queen The pyramid was also discovered. Archaeologists stated that the queen’s name was Neith, and this name has not been mentioned in any archives to date. However, no further information was shared.


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