A New Project From Turkish Developers That Turns Apple Devices Into Hardware Wallet

Developed by a Turkish team, Opclave turned phones into hardware wallets, and attracted a lot of attention from both the domestic and the global market.

Details of the Opclave project developed by Ulaş Erdoğan (ulerdogan), “zetsuboii_”, “0xThaos”, “DoganETH” and “thebuzagive” were shared on ETHGlobal. The post of developer Doğan, who shared the published article on Twitter attracted a lot of attention.

The project, which was viewed by more than 500 thousand people in a short time, was created by Harmony Protocol (ONE), Coinbase, Optimism. by the developers of many projects appreciated.

What is this Opclave?

Opclave; Account Abstraction is an implementation that leverages the Apple enclave and the OP Stack and finds the optimal solution. smart contract wallet. In simpler language, using the existing facial recognition and fingerprint service in iPhones, combining it with “account abstraction” technology and converting to hardware wallet provides.

DoganETH made the following statements in his post: used:

The Secure Enclave, an isolated component on Apple devices, is designed to protect user data with only biometric identification. If private key storage is done using this component, we can turn mobile devices into hardware wallets. However, there is a problem.

Secure Enclave’s only standard curve database “secp256r1” The developer, who stated that he supports it, signed Apple signatures for this case. in order to apply it on the blockchain He said that some special solutions are needed.

that they can solve this problem but in this case too many transaction fees Emphasizing that, the developer understands that the user accounts are the right person with a new application by configuring Op Stack. can help expressed.

In the sharing, thanks to this situation, a safe mobile wallet is produced for user experience using the account abstraction feature I was told it was needed.

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