A new generation technology base for entrepreneurs! YTU Technopolis tour

We attended the street party held at YTU Technopolis. Here, we talked with Yıldız Technical University Yıldız Technopark Deputy General Manager İsa Turgut İnci about the Start-up House, which gathers investors and entrepreneurs together and brings them abroad.

What does 3rd generation university and technopolis mean? What is Start-up House?


Yıldız Technical University Yıldız Technopark Deputy General Manager İsa Turgut İnci made the following statement:

Start-up As House, we have gathered to offer our support to entrepreneurs on how to show up in the international arena and how to move to that arena. We are currently at a street party, which we actually call a street party.

Our aim is actually: We are in a great business axis in the heart of the business world, in the heart of Maslak. Our aim here is to launch a Start-up House, which we will take from the street to the world stage. You are all welcome.

A new technology base in Maslak from YTU Yıldız Technopark

A new technology base in Maslak from YTU Yıldız Technopark

YTU Yıldız Technopark Maslak aims to be the new address of innovation and technology with its coworking (open office) areas and incubation center.

3rd generation technopolis means: Now we have completed a capacity building phase. While we were thinking about how much more we can put on top of this, we actually tried to introduce a new concept to the literature. These are 3rd generation universities. As technoparks, we wanted to keep up with this development and complete the evolution.

As Start-up House, we established an early stage investment fund. In this way, we have designed an end-to-end program in which we define investment opportunities for entrepreneurs and deliver them to suppliers abroad with these investments. We said that new generation entrepreneurship programs can only exist in 3rd generation technoparks..

As Start-up House, we set out in this sense. Our aim is to reduce the financial burden of entrepreneurs by making them benefit from the advantages of the technopark. In addition, we make investments and bring them together with our offices abroad. From there, we take it to the world stage.

We have developed a concept of working remotely and as a new normal after the pandemic. We have developed a hub model here and we offer the following within this hub model; We support our companies and entrepreneurs with two different options. One of them is the community management side.

Here we plan to create a community where we will create a network effect. Thus, a hub model emerges, in which we hold all relevant internal and external stakeholders together. Here, we do not provide physical infrastructure, a classic rental office. At the same time, we provide a call working space service that will create a network effect with them. In other words, the relevant investor and entrepreneur, in short, everyone is meeting in a hub.

The second is what we call talent management. We are a 111-year-old university. We have a serious R&D culture. We now have programs within the Start-up House where we recruit new talents, especially 3rd and 4th grade students of the university.

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