A new cyber attack warning from the FBI!

People around the world actually cyber attack is faced with. Because hackers steal millions of data by infiltrating the accounts of companies, institutions or individuals. For example, last week Food basketIt was alleged that he was attacked by a hacker. Although the company denies this, some journalists who contacted the hackers claim that the data of millions of users was stolen.

Almost every day, we share with you the attacks carried out by hackers. The warnings of cyber security experts are very important in this regard. Finally, the FBI has publicly warned people all over the world.

The time given to Yemeksepeti by hackers is coming to an end!

Yemeksepeti, which was alleged to have been hacked by hackers last week, has come to the end of the time given by the hackers.

CISA stresses importance of cyberattack threat

FBI (US Federal Bureau of Investigation) and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency) made a statement today. Two important US organizations said organizations and companies should be on the alert this holiday season. In the statement, to ransomware and to cyber attacks They said it was important to take countermeasures.

Types of cyber attacks

CISA Director Jen Easterlyspoke about the threats of cyber attacks. “We know that threat actors don’t take vacations,” Easterly said. We will continue to provide timely and actionable information to help our industry and government partners stay safe and flexible during the holiday season.” said.

That said, government agencies in the US are not currently under any particular threat of cyberattacks. However, both private and public institutions need to be vigilant. In addition, not only institutions in the USA, but also institutions all over the world should take precautions.

FBI and CISA, cyberattack warning

FBI and CISA, organizations strong passwords declared that he should prefer It is also very important that passwords are not reused across multiple accounts. With this, multi-factor authentication applications are recommended to reduce risk.

Meanwhile, FBI Deputy Director of Cyberspace Bryan Vordran made a striking statement. Vordran noted that in the past, cyberattack threats have increased especially during the holidays. The teams made the announcement in the USA and Canada. Thanksgiving Made for (25 November). However, as the new year approaches, a holiday period will begin all over the world for a short time. The FBI and CISA do not neglect to make such warnings before various holidays and holiday periods.

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