A new crypto hit after Thodex: Hecoin claims!

thodex A new cryptocurrency scam is on the agenda after the hit: hecoin. The world of cryptocurrencies continues to attract people around the world. As the number of people multiplying their investments increases, more and more people are stepping into the crypto world. However, this situation also opens a new door for scammers. People who defraud people with new methods are now seen in the crypto market.

India bans many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin!

According to a new statement by the Indian government, many cryptocurrencies will be banned, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Users are in shock! Hecoin closed all accounts

MailAccording to the news of , many citizens are suffering with Hecoin this time. Heroes & Empires Coin The company is known as Hecoin on the crypto exchange. The company in question, a person named Yavuz Bunul, is located in the Indian Ocean. Seychelles founded on the island.

Hecoin scam

The first to make promotions on the website hecoinfound investors in a short time. By the way, MailAccording to the news, the company also developed its own phone application. In addition, money transfers from globally renowned crypto applications came to the application.

New DawnAccording to the news of , the company showed itself to be based in the USA. However, its main purpose was to attract investors in Turkey. Various allegations against the company have been on the agenda lately.

However, the company, now named for alleged fraud, tried a classic method. The company advertised it through crypto influencers. Like this, hecoin in pre-sales 20 thousand active members reached. Of course, all this rise had a monetary value. Thousands of dollars came into the company’s account and the price of the coins $400 output.

Last week, problems started in transactions in the Hecoin application. Many investors withdrawing money He said he was having difficulties. Then, last night, the shares of this coin hit zero. Finally, earlier this morning, Hecoin mobile app and twitter account has been closed. What happened to the thousands of dollars is currently unknown.

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