A New Bitcoin (BTC) Whale Is Born: $313 Million Transfer Received!

Santiment, the leading on-chain data collection platform, cryptocurrency a new emerging market bitcoin gave information about the whale.

The whale, whose wallet was empty before, acquired a large amount of Bitcoin with a single transfer.

New Whale Owns 13,370 Bitcoins with a Single Transfer

According to a recent tweet by Santiment, analytics teams have identified the largest BTC transaction in the past 30 days. The address, which received approximately 13,370 BTC, was created completely according to their tweet, and the tokens were moved in a single transfer:

“Eight hours ago, the largest Bitcoin transaction in 4 weeks took place. This brand new whale address suddenly had ~13,369 BTC (~$313.1 million worth) from zero after a single transfer. Keep an eye on this wallet as prices fluctuate in the coming period.”

The chart shared by Santiment showing the decrease in BTC price after the whale’s transaction.

The total amount of BTC transferred by the whale corresponds to approximately 313 million dollars. It is unknown whether this transfer was a purchase or another whale moving part of its wallet to a new wallet.

Immediately after the transfer was made, the BTC price dropped by approximately 0.37%.

At the beginning of January, whales with assets between 0.1 BTC and 100 BTC accumulated a large amount of Bitcoin, adding about 9% to their holdings.

Santiment described it as one of the most aggressive buying cycles in crypto history.

*Not investment advice.

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