A meteor as big as a pickup truck will pass our world tangentially

The asteroid 2023 BU, the size of a tiny pickup truck, will pass Earth tangent to this evening. This meteorite will take its place in the books as the closest celestial body to our Earth so far.

In recent years, while the interest in space has increased, humanity has also DARTS It develops defense systems to protect our planet against meteorites. Of course, the meteors coming from dark and cold space do not stop.

The size of a small pickup truck 2023 THIS The meteorite named after our Earth, unexpectedly due to its size. will pass dangerously close. But you don’t have to worry.

The closest contact to the Earth will be 2023 BU.

This meteorite, with a width of 3.6 meters and a length of 8.5 meters, is “market vanalso known as Mitsubishi FE 515It has dimensions close to . But strangely enough, this meteorite will pass 3,600 km from our planet’s atmosphere. This distance is closer than many satellites currently orbiting the Earth. The distance from the meteorite to us if we need to scale it to better understand the distance Only one 106th of the Moon’s distance from Earth.

Calculating the orbit of the meteorite, NASA said in a statement. 2023 THISIt will be tangent to our planet, albeit very closely, but in case of a possible mishap, even if the meteorite enters the atmosphere. announced that it would be destroyed by fire. So this tiny meteorite is not a problem for the citizens of Earth.

But 2023 BU, so far Space object closest to Earth will go down in history. Although the meteorite will pass through the skies of South America, it will be very difficult to see with the naked eye due to its size.


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This tiny meteor will pass tangent to our Earth on Thursday evening, January 26. Unfortunately, this meteorite We will not be able to observe from our country.

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