A Man Could Not Find Place in Intensive Care Units Filled with COVID-19

A 74-year-old man living in the US state of Alabama died as intensive care units filled with COVID-19 patients. The family of the man, who suffered a heart attack on September 1 and died due to the lack of places in 43 hospitals in the state, emphasized that everyone should be vaccinated.

Hospitalization of people who are now almost completely unvaccinated or awaiting a second dose COVID-19refilled hospitals due to the high contagion rate of the delta variant. Especially intensive care units are not in good condition worldwide. Now to you, how the intensive care units filled with people who have not been vaccinated cut off an innocent person from life. we will talk about.

living in the US state of Alabama Ray Martin DeMoniaHe suffered a heart attack on September 1. His family wanted to take the man, who got worse, to a hospital. However, DeMonia’s family was helpless when intensive care units were full across the state, where the full vaccination rate was 40 percent. from their homes 300 kilometers away The family, who was in the intensive care unit of a hospital, unfortunately could not save the 74-year-old man.

How would you feel if it happened to you?

*Ray Martin DeMonia, who lost his life because there were no vacancies in hospitals.

The family of the unfortunate man, who died on September 1 due to a heart attack, made statements about the tragic event. In the statements made on the subject, in order to save the 74-year-old man, Interviewed with 43 hospitals However, it was stated that no positive results could be obtained. “How would you feel if something similar happened to you?‘ asked family members, invited people to get the COVID-19 vaccine.


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Alabama is one of the states where the coronavirus epidemic is experienced the hardest in the USA. In terms of vaccination rate fourth worst state Alabama also suffers from intensive care services. In the statements made by Scott Harris, Head of the Alabama Department of Public Health, busy care needs are not met and it was stated that the patients started to be transferred to other regions. Danne Howard, executive vice president of the Alabama Hospitals Association, said things were getting out of hand across the state. not known by anyone stated.

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