A Link Discovered Between Paranormal Events and Sleep

Scientists have discovered a very interesting link between believing and experiencing paranormal phenomena and sleep quality.

Until today, almost everyone at least once at night while getting ready to sleep, the tree branch hitting the window or the trousers hanging on the back of the chair. you have been compared to a monster or a human. In our country, this situation is usually associated with 3 letters and nightmares, while in the USA, it is generally viewed as being visited or abducted by aliens.

Scientists have been doing research for many years about the possible causes of these “paranormal” events experienced by individuals. A scientific article published recently states that scientists may have discovered its source. is showing.

In fact, everything starts with poor quality sleep.

over 18 years old 8,853 In the study in which the participant was examined, various questions were asked about the paranormal events they experienced and their sleeping patterns, living in different cities and countries, with different religions, languages ​​and races. According to the results, individuals with poorer sleep patterns compared to other participants believe more in paranormal events and that they “they meet more often “They stated. In addition to sleep patterns, it was determined that the age and gender of the participants increased the rate of seeing and believing in paranormal events.

recommended for adults 6-8 hours those who sleep only a few hours a day and fall asleep very late, as opposed to the ideal sleep time not getting enough REM sleep It was stated that almost all of the individuals stated that they saw ghosts, demons, nightmares, aliens, creatures and similar beings and believed in these beings. Even though there are those who believe in these assets, the number of people who see them is the number of users who meet and exceed the ideal sleep time. there is little to no stated in research reports.

The researchers also stated in the report that all of the participants in this experiment applied to answer the questions themselves, and therefore the participants were not randomly selected, that only applicants were included in the experiment. stated. For this reason, the results of the research reflect the views of a limited group and may not reflect the views of the general population. specifically stated. Scientific article published in BBC Science Focus located here You can browse through the link.

Of course, one of the assets that individuals with poor quality sleep patterns believe in are Nightmares. However, contrary to popular belief, what we call a nightmare is actually a simple sleep paralysis. For information about nightmares and sleep paralysis, you can check out our article below.


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