A First in Bitcoin History, USA Relapsed to Second Place!

While most of the public Bitcoin nodes in the world are in the USA, according to Bitnodes’ data, Germany surpassed the USA for the first time.

A node is a computer that connects to open blockchain networks and helps to disseminate information about transactions that take place and blocks created. Even if the data is only on a computer, anyone connected to the network can access that data. The more computers connected, the stronger the network.

There are currently more than 10,000 Bitcoin nodes worldwide. In the first place is Germany, which holds 1833 of them.

USA with 1821 knots in second place, France with 549 knots in third place, while China has only 152 knots.

In 2019, the USA had 2400 knots, while Germany had 1900.

It’s no surprise that the United States ranks first for its large population and economy to date. Despite the fact that Germany has 4 times the population and five times the economy compared to the USA, Germany’s success today is remarkable.

Of course, behind this success of Germany is not empty. Germany has expert Bitcoin core developers with a successful Bitcoin encoding system. At the same time, Europe’s largest hackers association with 7700 registered members is located in Germany.

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