A First for the Automotive Sector in Turkey from Ford

Ford has officially entered the world of Metaverse. Ford Turkey brought Ford Digital Studio to the virtual universe, breaking new ground in the automotive industry within the scope of the “Live the Future Today” discourse. The company, which has built a studio on 6 plots in Decentraland, is displaying its newest cars in this studio.

One of the most preferred automobile companies in Turkey. Ford, undersigned an important work, which is the first of its kind in Turkey. Ford cars are now via the metaverse will also be accessible.

Ford in 2020Ford Digital StudioHe implemented a service called ”. On this platform, users could examine the cars they wanted to buy from their computers and access all information. Now this platform Moved to Metaverse. Thus, a brand new experience was offered to consumers.

Established on 6 plots of land in Decentraland (MANA)

Ford is in Decentraland, one of the world’s most popular Metaverse ecosystems. based on 6 parcels He built a studio. The studio, which can be accessed with the code “goto 33.140” after entering the ecosystem, currently hosts E-Transit and Mustang Match E. Moreover, if consumers visit this studio between 12:00 and 22:00, Ford’s customer representatives They can also meet and get information.

When you enter Ford’s virtual office in Decentraland, you will first see Europe’s most powerful electric commercial vehicle. E-Transit with the iconic Ford Mustang-inspired electric SUV Mustang Mach E. By clicking on the vehicles, you can access the website with detailed information. When you scan the QR Codes next to the vehicle to their phones, augmented reality powered versions of You can review.

Various venues and venues at Ford’s Metaverse studio interactive games Let me also point out. Finally, to Ford’s Metaverse studio here Let’s also say that you can reach via the link.

Video made for Ford’s Metaverse studio

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