A Feature That Shows The Difficulty Level Of Passwords Is Coming to Edge

How hard our passwords are to guess is of great importance these days. Because wherever we turn our heads, a cyber attack takes place.

In order to prevent this, some companies were showing the difficulty of the password they created to the users. Weak, moderate, difficult weaker than these degrees meant that it was one of the most easily guessed passwords.

Thus, users added new letters, signs and numbers to their passwords, making their passwords more difficult. Microsoft also added this feature to the internet browser. It has started working on integrating it into Edge.

It will also show the difficulty level for your previously logged in passwords.

The difficulty level of passwords with similar features that we encountered on many sites was only displayed when you created a password. While Microsoft is integrating the feature into Edge, it is in the browser. to show the difficulty level of all saved passwords. has set. Again, the difficulty levels are: Weak, Medium, and Hard.

Microsoft is currently only using this new feature. of testers submitted to his liking. However, we will wait and see if it will open for all users in the coming days.


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