A Drug Gang Dismantled Thanks to Apple AirTag

It turned out that Apple’s tracking device AirTag is also used by narcotics teams in the USA. Law enforcement officers, who placed AirTags in drug packages, succeeded in taking down a gang.

US-based technology giant Apple, for those who want to instantly track the location of their pet or valuables in 2021. AirTag announced its product. This device, which has very small dimensions, can be placed on any object and location tracking allowed it to be done. The last point about Apple AirTag is that this device to curb the drug trade shows its use.

United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) last year, was shared with the public through Forbes. Cops use drugs to take down a drug gang into their packages They placed an AirTag. Following the location of the device step by step, the team succeeded in crashing the gang.

So why AirTag when there are tons of GPS devices on the market?

Forbes also investigated why the police preferred the Apple AirTag instead of using any GPS tracking device. Brady Wilkins Reaching a retired detective named the team, the team received a remarkable response. According to the retired detective, although there are tons of GPS devices on the market, these devices are sometimes it worked sometimes it didn’t. According to Wilkins, the use of AirTag instead of perishable GPS devices ensured the operation.


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Although the purpose of Apple AirTag is to track the positions of objects, some maliciousThey can use this device for their own purposes. There will even be those of you who remember; Apple a while ago because of this product has been sued. In December 2022, two women filed a lawsuit against Apple, claiming that their ex-girlfriends were tracking them with the help of AirTag. HE litigation process still going on…


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