A Cryptocurrency Exchange Has Been Added To The Sanction List Of The USA For The First Time

OFAC, a subordinate of the US Treasury Department, has added a cryptocurrency exchange called SUEX to its SDN list due to its role in ransomware attacks.

  • According to the Treasury Department’s statement on Tuesday, SUEX has been added to the SDN list of banned persons and institutions. first cryptocurrency exchange it happened.

  • Individuals and organizations in the USA, if they transact with the names on the SDN list with fines and imprisonment may be faced.

  • Ministry, SUEX at least eight derived from ransomware variant to illegal gains brokerage and transactions in SUEX’s transaction history. more than 40% of He stated that he was connected with illegal persons.

  • According to the statement, the total value of payments made in ransomware attacks will quadruple in 2020, compared to the previous year. 400 million dollars reached.

  • Blockchain intelligence firm Chainalysis has been moving from illegal digital wallets to SUEX since 2018 worth more than $160 million detected that bitcoin (BTC) is flowing. Prague-registered SUEX has offices in Russia.

  • The White House has tightened its fight against ransomware attacks as a result of attacks on organizations like Colonial Pipeline.

  • Treasury Department, “virtual currency mobility is largely legal” but virtual currencies for illegal purposes While emphasizing that it can be used “The Ministry will continue to use its powers against malicious cyber perpetrators to hack financial nodes linked to ransomware attacks and cyberattacks.” made a statement.

Image: Top view of the Treasury Department building in Washington (Image modified by Carol M. Highsmith, image by Koin Bulletin)

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